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Farm To Table

Farm to table is such a popular theme for weddings this season. That special day has to have the best. And there is a very good reason this phenomenon continues to trend. It tastes better.

We all taste with our eyes and our ears before the dish touches our lips. So why are farm to table weddings and special events still so popular? Because of the story behind it. The stories of farming.

I recently was watching a cool new movie. The main character was talking with some new friends. The friends did not ask what she did for a living. They asked her what she makes.

What do you make?

The debate between conventionally raised food and organic is a moot point. The story now lies with the farmer and his or her craft. No sordid detail is to be left out. We are delighted to enjoy every nuance of this story before we ever taste the fruits of their labor.

Progress and technology will always have their place. These commodities are the cost of doing business. What we all yearn for is to create something with our hands. To produce a thing. Improve upon our craft. Then share our stories of overcoming almost impossible odds. The problem solving, the investigation of why certain techniques stand the test of time. All the while, our new found craft has been replicated for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years before us. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

The funny thing with farming is that there are no new ingredients. Sure, you may see a purple sweet potato. White asparagus is evidently a thing. The tomato, the zucchini, the bison, the salmon, the wheat has been here for thousands of years. So how do we turn something old, something ancient into something new? We tell an entirely new story.

In the case of farming, what is popular is getting back to the way we used to do things. Back before progress industrialized this time honored skill.

At Burchild, we honor that skill of farming. We get to know our local farmers. We know how the weather has affected the crops. We know when they were picked. We know why they were harvested at the perfect time. We know what’s in season. We know what will taste superb next season. All because we have formed a relationship with the people who form a relationship with the land and the food. Farm to table is what naturally occurs in our community.

We can tell the whole story The story of the mustard greens that smell so fresh and fragrant on that new salad our chef created with inspiration from that same farmer. It’s a circle. And we can bring that story to you and your guests on your special day. So now you are invested. What you feed your guests has meaning to you. You have yet another reason to care. So even before you taste the farm fresh mustard greens, you have already smelled, touched and heard the story of the making of your delicious food.